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Introducing a new generation of security operations that are flexible, on-demand, and deliver significant cost savings.

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We support MSPs on their journey to becoming a Managed Security Service Provider by helping them scale their security offerings to better serve their customers

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The SIEMPlexus platform assists businesses in organizing their security tools to analyze, interpret and review threats in one streamlined dashboard. It equips security analysts with the right tools to respond to threats quickly and efficiently.

  • Modular
  • Task Automation
  • Cloud Ready
  • Advanced Scoring
Customer Stories

How we help our customers scale their security offerings

"One of the biggest challenges I face in growing my security business is ensuring that we have the right analyst team to scale with our customers. Bolton Secure is an integral part of our talent strategy - I have been able to build out an extension of my SOC rapidly and easily. As a result, our security business is growing faster than we originally planned."
Tom Neclerio
Vice President of Security Services at United Data Technologies
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Struggling to scale your SOC?

We enable companies to build out dedicated security teams to supplement their existing SOCs that are often starved for talent. Bolton Secure delivers direct access to a network of experienced security analysts at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.