Dedicated SOC Teams

A scalable solution to the shortage in skilled, cybersecurity talent

We seamlessly integrate with your existing security products and teams while providing you with direct access to a network of experienced security analysts at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

around the clock monitoring

Direct access to fully trained, security talent

Select from handpicked, qualified security analysts. We’ll set you up with a private portal where you can quickly make a shortlist of candidates and book on-demand interviews.

Introduce Learning Experiences-1

Scale dedicated teams in a matter of days

We help you hire, build and optimize your dedicated team at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams

Reduced Costs and Complexities

Maintain Control

Supplement your existing systems, process, and tools with high quality talent.
soc talent
We hire top security talent, who report to work in a Bolton-managed workspace, equipped with the right IT infrastructure, tools & training to do their job.
  • Scale on demand
  • Maintain company culture with 100% dedicated teams
  • No upfront fees - pay only if there is a fit
  • Transition existing or create new processes and KPIs
Internal security training

Your team, your culture

We help you attract and retain the best people in the highly competitive security market. Our team is hands on, but also ensures control remains in your hands.

Detailed gap analysis

Industry leading security talent

We help you get your dedicated team up and running using your tools, systems and processes - all in a matter of days. 

Customer Stories

How we help our customers scale their security offerings

"One of the biggest challenges I face in growing my security business is ensuring that we have the right analyst team to scale with our customers. Bolton Secure is an integral part of our talent strategy - I have been able to build out an extension of my SOC rapidly and easily. As a result, our security business is growing faster than we originally planned."
Tom Neclerio
Vice President of Security Services at United Data Technologies
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Your trusted partner in security

At Bolton Secure, we believe in partnerships, placing your sucess as our top priority. This means helping you scale and optimize you SOC at the pace that business demands.

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