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How United Data Technologies scaled their SOC in under two weeks with Bolton Secure


"One of the biggest challenges I face in growing my security business is ensuring that we have the right analyst team to scale with our customers. Bolton Secure is an integral part of our talent strategy - I have been able to build out an extension of my SOC rapidly and easily. As a result, our security business is growing faster than we originally planned."

Tom Neclerio

Vice President of Security Services at United Data Technologies
  • Background
  • The Challenges
  • The Solutions
  • The Results


UDTSecure™ provides organizations an advanced suite of managed security and threat intelligence services and solutions to quickly detect and respond to incoming threats focused on stealing critical data or disrupting operations. 

The Challenges

UDT’s fast-growing cybersecurity business was struggling to staff enough Level 1 security analysts to keep up with demand. They were specifically looking for a dedicated analyst team -  rather than a shared solution.

Cost of hiring
High cost of hiring and training US-based security analysts
Off-hour staff employment
Hard to staff nights, weekends & holidays
Off-hour staff longevity Struggled to retain off-hours staff over the long-term

The Solutions

Bolton Secure was able to deliver a Dedicated SOC Team to UDT almost immediately. 

Talent portal UDT leveraged Bolton Secure's on-demand Talent Portal to interview fully-trained and vetted security analysts
Experienced analysts selected Analysts were selected and integrated into UDT's SOC
Active analyst pipeline UDT now has an active pipeline of qualified, ready-to-deploy analysts

The Result

UDT was able to scale up a Dedicated SOC team in under 2 weeks.

Hassle-free off-hour staffing
Staffing nights, weekends & holidays is now hassle-free and UDT is able to operate their SOC 24x7x365
Cut staffing costs in half
UDT saved 50% on staffing costs
Rapid scaling UDT now has the ability to rapidly fill roles as they grow - balancing out demand with supply, in real-time

Your trusted partner in security

At Bolton Secure, we believe in partnerships, placing your success as our top priority. This means helping you scale and optimize your SOC at the pace that your business demands. Ready to discuss how Bolton Secure can help you scale your SOC?