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How Outsourcing Your NOC Monitoring Can Spark a Virtuous Circle of Growth

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If you’re scaling your MSP then it’s likely you need to grow your NOC services fast and outsourcing could be obvious answer. But what does outsourcing your NOC really look like?

In the past, “outsourcing” was a loaded word for a lot of companies, and for some, it still might be. Maybe it brings to mind the idea of a nebulous offshore office, where you have no control over the people or processes. It’s important to recognize that there isn’t just one kind of outsourcing, and it all depends on how it’s done — more on that later. 

Let’s assume you’ve already determined that outsourcing is the right choice for your organization. You might see it as a necessary step for survival, but outsourcing has the potential to be much more than that. Done right, it can create a virtuous circle of growth.

What is a virtuous circle?

A virtuous circle is a positive feedback loop, a chain of events that keep leading to better and better outcomes. In other words, it’s the opposite of a vicious cycle. 

Too many growing MSPs fall into vicious cycles as they scale, especially when they don't consider outsourcing as a vital piece of the growth puzzle. When your organization experiences rapid growth, you’ll inevitably hit a point where your team can’t handle anymore. They’ll be so busy keeping up with monitoring, completing low-tier support tasks, and putting out fires that they won’t have time to do anything else.

In those circumstances, there’s no time to improve processes, and without those necessary optimizations and adjustments, your team falls even more behind. This cycle is not sustainable, and leads to a variety of bad outcomes: the quality of your service will begin to suffer, your team will become burnt out, employee moral will dip and staff turnover will increase.

How can outsourcing NOC monitoring create a virtuous circle of growth?

Now that we’ve taken a look at a vicious cycle scenario, let’s examine the other side of the coin: how outsourcing NOC monitoring can work in your favor and support continued growth.

Outsourcing low-tier support and monitoring tasks creates vital bandwidth for your internal teams. Without constant pressure to perform low-tier, repetitive tasks, in-house NOC leaders can focus on performing the most valuable aspects of their roles and optimizing the processes that promote sustainable, long-term growth rather than putting out fires all day.

With their new bandwidth, your team can make key changes to promote the growth of your organization. As the growth continues, optimized processes will make it even easier to onboard new team members as needed. That’s the virtuous circle at work.

What kind of outsourcing creates a virtuous circle?

Earlier we mentioned that there are different kinds of outsourcing - now let’s dig a little deeper. In order to kick off a virtuous circle from outsourcing your NOC monitoring, you have to maintain control over your people and processes. To do that, you’ll need a remote staffing partner that helps you find the right talent, then hands the reins back over to you.

That’s what makes companies like Bolton Secure distinct from traditional outsourcing. We provide the talent for remote teams, handpicking well-qualified candidates to supplement your in-house teams — without taking over your NOC.

Once your remote team is in place, they’ll work within your existing tools, systems, processes, and brand voice, so your customers get the same experience, no matter who picks up the phone. You don’t have to overhaul anything, so you can hit the ground running (but if you want to make some changes, we’re happy to help!). 

As you grow (thanks to your virtuous circle) we can find you more great team members at the pace that your business demands, so you can scale without the growing pains.

With the right remote staffing partner on your side, outsourcing your NOC means much more than just getting more team members onboard. It’s the first step in a virtuous circle of growth.


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