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How to Scale MSP Operations to Support More Clients

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When scaling your MSP, it’s easy to start thinking about all the opportunities on the other side of the process, such as improved customer service and increased revenue. However, before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, you have to have a strategic plan in place — specifically one that details how internal operations are going to scale with your expanded offerings.

Learn how to scale your MSP operations to support a growing client base with these tips:

Assess your tech stack

Your tech stack is mission-critical, so it’s important to conduct regular analyses to ensure you’re working with the best tools. Assessing your tech stack requires reviewing each tool to gain a better understanding of its performance and evaluating how it supports your needs - now and in the future.

To keep things organized, consider mapping your findings in a software tool like Lucidchart so you can fully architect your tech stack visually. This way you can easily identify dead ends, tangled areas, and quick wins for improving the applications you rely on to do business.

Manual vs. Automation — simplify before scaling up

As you assess your full tech stack, consider team efficiency as well. What tools are actually helping team members perform better and deliver value? What tools would help you stay on track with forecasted growth? Keep a focused eye on your organizational structure to ensure you have clearly defined job roles, responsibilities, and the skill sets needed to grow.

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Once you’ve done this, consider what changes can be made. Would an automation or application work better than a manual process at scale? What would your team members respond to best? By first simplifying, you make scaling up a smoother, more successful process.

Develop documentation

When scaling your operations, be sure to document everything. Having team-written playbooks is the ultimate asset to support your growth. 

Tettra and Notion are excellent tools for improving this particular function as it lets you create easy-to-use, interactive guides to store and share company-specific information. By making things more organized for new and current employees, you’re keeping your business streamlined and avoiding knowledge gaps from emerging.

Commit to a plan

Getting team buy-in and investing in a strategic business plan is a great way to ensure resources are readily available as you grow. This allows your team to focus on their jobs rather than creating new processes in reaction to operational issues and growing pains.

Having a solid plan also means business operations will be smoother for you and your clients. When everything is growing together, there’s less room for hiccups and slowdowns.

Scaling your MSP also means scaling your internal operations to support a growing client base. Make sure you create space and capacity by implementing these tips. With them in place, you’re allowing your MSP to not just grow, but operate better and more efficiently overall.

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Patrick Linton, Bolton Secure

Patrick Linton, Bolton Secure

Patrick is Co-Founder of Bolton Secure where he and his team deliver cybersecurity services, training, and tools to managed service providers who want to scale their security and network offerings.

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